Classical Pontiac 2000 POCI National Convention
Perhaps after this vacation I won't feel like I need a vacation, we'll see...

For the first time in three years the trip plan was straightforward: pack stuff in van, drive straight to the convention, stay in one hotel the entire time. Not ambitious, but elegant in it's simplicity. 1998 found us exploring New England from New Hampshire to Boston to Cape Cod to Sturbridge. 1999 was a multi-country extravaganza. For 2000 we deserved a break.

7/11/00 - day one. Mission accomplished. Packed stuff in van, drove to convention, checked into hotel. OK, OK, I can't stand it unless I'm making a short story long. After staying up until 2:30 am as a result of procrastination at work and home, I got a restless night's sleep. Of course I awoke to a thunderstorm as a result of washing the van. Once we finished packing in the rain we hit the road, and I was finally able to tell myself "it's too late to do the 100 things I wanted to do for the convention". What a relief! No offense to Illinois, but the bulk of our drive was, well, uh, relaxing. Then Indiana, then Michigan, then Lexington Hotel Suites. Thankfully as we were relegated to a single hotel this trip our room was very nice.
Lexington Hotel Suites, Grand Rapids, Michigan