Classical Pontiac 2000 POCI National Convention
7/14/00 - day four. Now we're talking! After all the preliminaries show day was upon us. We woke and prepared for the reason we were in Grand Rapids. On our way to the park which was hosting the car show we stopped by the swap meet, just in case there were any last minute deals to be made. Now is as good a time as any to discuss the logistics of the convention. This year the swap meet was at the host hotel (albeit divided into a parking lot and a field), but many of the activities took place off the premises, in a few cases many miles away. While each venue was good, some people were of the opinion that things could've been arranged better. Certainly the vendors weren't happy about a full day of the convention taking place away from them, and several, if not most, packed up before Friday.
Friday in the park