Classical Pontiac 2000 POCI National Convention
With no obvious gathering place I wasn't sure we would manage to meet any of the site regulars, but the first seminar brought me face to face with...Robb of course! After first berating him for single-handedly slowing the site down with his constant chatting, we settled in to enjoy Jim Mattison's presentation. This year he brought along a film of two 1962 Pontiacs setting endurance records at Indianapolis and Darlington. The Catalina and "Police Enforcer" provided some thrilling sights and sounds which can't be sufficiently described. Suffice to say it was entertaining and inspiring. Afterward we were treated to some slides of early Super Duty cars and a short NASCAR then and now comparison by Jim's cohort from Pontiac motorsports. The last seminar we attended was a detailed lesson in quality restorations. I decided when I got back I should take my amateur engine detailing article down. Oh well, I still like my Judge, warts and all.
A 1962 Catalina at speed!