5/20/01 The first (last?) Classical Pontiac Meet is in the books, what was it like...

This will actually be a tough story to write. Up until now I've always been a professional spectator at the event I've been covering, smug in the knowledge that if I was putting it on things would be different. Well this time I WAS putting it on, and hopefully things were different in a GOOD way. Thankfully I'm writing the story so I'll go easy on me, now how I fare in the Q & A is another story altogether!

As anyone who has organized a show will tell you the tale really begins several months before the thunder of exhaust can be heard from the arriving cars, but suffice to say I spent endless hours talking on the phone, driving to locations, agonizing over menus, writing programs to handle name tags and registration and online voting, testing the webcam, designing the awards, and trying to clearly define the event itself. Even Santa would be proud of the proliferation of lists I made and the number of times I checked them.
The Show HQ, hail damaged but finally put to proper use