Having said all that I'll skip ahead to Frenzied Friday when my brother Alan came to my rescue. He and I mapped out the hotel lot and finalized locations for the various displays. We also counted the parking spaces. We wanted to try to allow for a full space between cars, one of the details that would hopefully make the show a little nicer for participants. We also came up with a registration scheme that was revised several times before the curtain fell Saturday. You have to start somewhere.

After going over the plans with Brad and Dannette from the hotel (who were very helpful throughout) we hit the road to do a flurry of last minute shopping for cables. We quickly washed the van, shuttled it to the hotel, then parted ways - he to make a registration spreadsheet, me to try to clean my two cars between thunderstorms. He was successful, I didn't quite make it. That's my sorry excuse for not having The Judge in better shape. Oh well, sacrifices have to be made.
Dad (Dave) and Shona making sure the plan came together