The plan for Saturday morning was for my volunteer crew to meet at the hotel by 8:00am Saturday morning. My dad drove the T/A while I drove The Judge, sadly for the first time this season. We met up with Alan and my coworker Shona and set about the business of transforming a parking lot into the Classical Pontiac Meet. Honestly this is the point in the story where things get a little blurry for me. It may also be an appropriate place to apologize for not being able to talk with people as I would've liked. As the buck was stopping with me I know there were a few times throughout the day when I simply couldn't give someone the attention they deserved, and I'm sorry for that.

The "manual" preparations were well in hand by my volunteers, but the technical details were my responsibility. I had spent the last few sleepless nights modifying the Virtual Car Show logic for the Meet and also writing all the pages to handle the webcam. I hurriedly plugged in the computer, video capture card, camcorder, stereo, digital camera charger, and the phone line for the dialup connection. After flipping the various switches and hearing all the right noises I was horrified to be greeted by a black screen from the webcam - this at the stroke of 9:00! Calmly (?) I narrowed down the problem to the video cable and about five minutes later we were "live"!
My brother (Alan) during a respite from directing traffic