Once things settled down for a bit I started worrying about the turnout. Friday I was afraid we'd have too many cars, then the rains came and I was afraid we would have too few. Those of you who have followed the saga from the beginning will remember that I hoped to have 20 or 30 cars at the display. When we closed the online registration we had right at 50 display tickets sold. In the end a few of those didn't show, and a few local cars made it keeping the total number right around 50 - a huge success in my mind!

Before we knew the final count I was approached by John Novelli whom I've known for years. He was already impressed by the number of cars (and was apparently not being sarcastic) and went on to tell me that the local GTO club had several members who were gathering across the street to arrive and park en masse. Once again I was wondering if we would have enough room! Amazing how much stress can come from what started out as an informal get together. I know, I know, it is completely my fault, I just can't keep anything simple.
The Wagon