The next question on everyone's mind was when the Hands would arrive. Floyd was coming from Texas to meet up with Jim and Tom in Kansas City for the final drive to St. Louis. As I type this I'm shaking my head at the thought of how much effort they put into being there. That effort was rewarded by the undivided attention of practically everyone in attendance. They brought a comprehensive display of heads, headers, mufflers, catalogs, and I'm not sure what else (I couldn't get close) punctuated by Jim's wagon. I was unable to get a clear picture of Jim as he was surrounded by people from the moment he arrived until we called it a day!

I want to personally thank them for adding so much to what might otherwise have been just another show. More than one person commented to me on Jim's ability to patiently talk about the things he has learned over the years. In addition I know the Hands were just as enthused to meet everyone from the site as the people were to meet them. While I had talked to both Jim and Tom on the phone I had not seen them in person, and just like everyone else it's good for me to be able to place faces with names. Well, maybe with the exception of Robb who is now an almost-safe 350 mile distance from me.
I promise they're in there somewhere