Family, family, family! Not lost in the shuffle were the parents, significant others, and offspring of us boneheaded car guys. If this isn't your first visit to Classical Pontiac you are probably aware of a recurring family oriented theme that I try to promote (and oftentimes am forced to defend). Why? Well let's see, my father, mother, brother, and nephew were all present at one time or another Saturday. Fortunately I have always maintained a standard on the website that I am proud of, so when it comes time to face them - or anyone's family members - I'm not standing there stammering some lame excuse for garbage posted on my site.

One of the nicest things that happened as a result of this event was the positive response I received from the women who attended. As I'm working on this story there have already been a few posts on the Q & A covering this very subject. To those of you who argue with me over my insistence on a moral standard on my site I rest my case.
Mom (Joy) the very able CP Store administrator and nephew (Darby)
Mom could you move? I can't see The Judge!