Go fourth and conquer...

After three successful and unique trips to the POCI national convention I was hard pressed to come up with a new angle for the fourth. For most people more of the same would probably be fine (this is a car show after all, not the Nobel Peace Prize presentation), but to make this year memorable I'm relying on my secret weapon: family!

On the recent trip to Dallas for the Pontiac Southern Nationals I may not have had the best company, but I knew I'd get along with me. This time I'm doing something I haven't done for well over a decade, travel with my sister. To make it even more interesting we brought along our respective sons to entertain us, or perhaps it was the other way around. Was the van big enough for the four of us? Will we get to Red Wing without making the nightly news? What is Wonder Stuff? Who takes Discover? Can a person survive on chocolate chip cookies and juice AND have energy to do things?

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My sister the lessee,
aka the person who held up my trusty road atlas