7/18/01 - day three. Wednesday and Thursday were to be our sightseeing days, and the biggest sight in the area is the Mall of America. While I had little to no interest in going to the largest mall on the planet (or whatever) since I wasn't in the market to buy something, everyone would be proud of me as I actually managed to conceal that fact from my sister since she seemed to want to go. After breakfast we wandered aimlessly around a group of specialty stores nestled behind our hotel until I finally asked her if she wanted to make the journey to the mall or not. Turns out SHE didn't want to go either and was stalling; it was peer pressure that had convinced her to go in the first place. That was enough for me and the mall was permanently scratched off our itinerary. Whew! Instead we finished our leisurely tour of shops, grabbed lunch, and headed back to town for a walking tour of Red Wing.