7/16/01 - day one. Before the trip even began my sister was already aggravated, and I have to admit it was my fault. Veteran of countless car shows and admitted procrastinator when it comes to planning I had already driven her crazy by my lack of enthusiasm. To appease her I splurged for a surprise gift of Rally french fries and gave her free reign to select our stop over location. In addition I was late picking her up Monday morning but felt better once I realized she wasn't ready anyway. Unfortunately she also caught a glimpse of the space available in the van and proceeded to add to the pile of belongings to be loaded. After finding a place for her acoustic bass I finally convinced her to stop while it was still possible to see out the windows.

Pleased that we had made it out of her driveway only two hours behind schedule and without any sinks I headed out on the highway. The two boys were spellbound by their movie, and Angy and I selected the first CD for the trip. We had a short and inconclusive conversation about tickets, gasoline, spending money, credit cards, babysitting, and the location of the hotel she had selected. All that having not been decided I was finally starting to get in my comfort zone. One thing I did know for sure, though, there was no way I'd be able to drive non-stop this time around!
A captive audience