So what did I think? Despite my being sick on D Day I had a great time! The scenery around Red Wing was beautiful, and there was plenty to do. I love my sister dearly, and while I was required to give her a hard time (I'd get kicked out of the Brother Club otherwise) she was good company and a huge help with my son. There were countless times she took care of the boys in order to give me time to work on the website or take pictures. In addition this was the first trip like this I have taken with my son, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! Having my nephew along made it that much more special - and rounded out the choir.

Oh, the convention? It was good too! As this year I concentrated more on vacationing I did miss out on some of the POCI activities, but what little I saw came off very well. There was a good variety of cars, and although it did rain there was still plenty of time to satisfy almost any Pontiac fetish before getting wet. Since we had young children with us we were better off not staying at the casino (probably my only criticism). After we got past our initial reluctance to stay at the AmericInn we were very impressed. The staff was extremely friendly and entertained Angy when she got up far too early for the rest of us, and the hotel itself was comfortable and in a great location for sightseeing.

Look out, Charleston, here I come! Who knows what I will have come up with by next year!


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