While pretending to take pictures in the tower (I was really just cooling off - don't tell anyone) one of the workers indicated that I could shoot from the side of the track. "You can stand next to the track in that dark strip there." "Right there next to the track?" "Yes, right next to the track." Right THERE next to the track?" "Yes right there next to the track." "You mean that area RIGHT there next to the track?" Being a quasi member of the press finally had a privilege, so off I went to take pictures RIGHT THERE NEXT TO THE TRACK. I'm sure she thought I was a little slow, but it just seemed too good to be true.

I apologize to the spectators who had to put up with me in their line of site, but I could tell immediately that it was by far the best angle for photography. Actually it was the best angle period. I did try to limit the time I spent there just to spare everyone. Now how do I get that seat for Top Fuel competition? I've got ear muffs somewhere.