2001 WS6 Trans Am Convertible

The more things change the more they stay the same. My last Pontiac story was about a WS6 Trans Am, and this story is about a WS6 Trans Am. Many things have happened in the interim, though. I've gotten married, I've moved, and the bad news: Pontiac quit making Firebirds. We ended up selling the '02 T/A against my better judgement, then we went through a couple of non-Pontiac drivers. Ideally I would eventually return to PMD, and I was determined to make my next fun vehicle purchase a convertible. I sat back to see if there would be an opportunity to kill those two birds with one car.

Enter the Solstice. It seemed the perfect answer: a Pontiac, a convertible, decent performance (especially the GXP), good looks, and relatively affordable. I watched the Solstice go from show car to Apprentice star anxiously awaiting the day when I could try one on for size. When that day came my hopes were dashed. Although I technically fit at 6'2" or so, it was clear that it was a tight fit. Factor in the lack of storage space, and the Solstice was simply not going to work for me. Now I was on a convertible mission. I went from two seater to two seater encountering much the same problem in each one with the exception of a (way out of my price range) Corvette.

Then the answer occurred to me - a four seater! Oops. That leaves the new Mustang (nice but not for me), the hope of maybe a Camaro or GTO convertible sometime in the next decade, a European drop top making the 'Vette look affordable, or...what? How about the car I'd go back in time for: a WS6 Trans Am convertible. Since we're time travelling, let's make it bright red with a tan top and interior, a six speed, and a 2001 to get those extra five ponies while still sporting my favorite factory wheels. Luckily there was at least one person who shared my taste and my penchant for letting nice cars sit unused.

I'm now the proud owner of Trans Am number six, Firebird number seven. I've learned to never say never, but, after a trip to Sonic under a full moon, I'm content if number seven is indeed the last for me.

After reading this article Amy insisted I add at least one of the following:

"I want to thank my loving wife for funding all of my car needs." or "This is a public 'Thank You' to my wife for tolerating my vastly expensive hobby." or "The only way I can keep this car is to take my wife out for food and afterward..."

Hopefully she will speak to me again now :)


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