ArvinMeritor, Inc., manufacturer's of quality mufflers, donated a pair of their new performance mufflers, the "Vortex", for our door prize drawing at the Classical Pontiac Meet.. The Vortex is a high quality performance muffler with a smooth, mellow performance sound, and is available in a range of sizes and configurations. It uses a split flow internal design to maximize horsepower and provides exceptionally high flow. Both steel and fiberglass packing is used to control a range of sound frequencies, yet the large passage ways offer a minimum of back pressure. These are all welded, 100% aluminized steel with high temperature powder-coated black finishes. The mufflers are sized to fit on either F-body cars or A-bodies.

The mufflers were won by Mark Leischer, and we're awaiting a report from Mark on the appearance, sound, and performance of these unique products!
Jim Hand and the Vortex mufflers