Bob Kraut from Pontiac made the presentation for the new GTO and fielded questions from the audience, some of which were quite penetrating. Production will be limited to 20,000 or so a year, there are no plans for a factory convertible, the color palette for the Monaro may be available, pricing will be in the low to mid $30k range and they hope to address dealer price gouging, and the 2004 rendition is looked on as a starting point for continued development. As far as I'm concerned they met my criteria: V8, rear wheel drive, and an available manual transmission. I for one am ecstatic with the impact Bob Lutz has had on PMD. I recall the disgust I felt when the official views from Pontiac on its image revolved around body cladding, finger grooves in armrests, and four doors.
Bob Kraut and the 2004 GTO rendering