2002 Trans Am WS6

What a difference five years makes! In 1997 the reborn Ram Air Firebirds were in just their second year of production, and, with the first facelift on the fourth generation making its appearance, the future looked bright. At the time I had to make a quick decision: buy a '97 WS6 Trans Am (which I really liked) or pass up the chance in the hopes that when (or if) its '98 replacement debuted I would like it as much. As you may know I chose the former.
When the WS6 package was finally released I liked it, but not so much that I regretted my purchase. The major gripe I had initially was the lack of dual exhaust outlets, which as I recall was corrected the following model year. Over time traction control made its way to the automatic and then finally the manual version, a Hurst shifter became a factory option, the LS1's reputation grew dramatically, and, now, the Firebird is making its farewell.
I've been the proud owner of five Firebirds, three of them new. The idea that it was now or never for a fourth was too much to withstand. I found myself making up any excuse to drop by the local dealer, just in case there was something interesting. The timing for a new car was bad (is there ever a good time?), however, fortunately or unfortunately, a Bright Red WS6 Trans Am was waiting for me the last time by. I bought myself some time with a deposit and spent two agonizing days trying to decide what to do. Given that I had admittedly become obsessed with the idea I suppose the conclusion was forgone. One redeeming factor was my decision coincided with the new factory incentives (maybe it was a good time after all).
I did consider other colors, but there's no arguing with red - it's certainly the most noticeable in a lineup (I've started a ticket fund). There was also the Collector Edition, but I simply don't care for the color or the stripes, and I have to admit that it bothers me any time something proclaims itself as a Collector Edition whether it's a plate, gun, or car. After I finished the paperwork I still had a pang of regret over the loss of my '97, however all that was forgotten when I walked out to the freshly prepped successor under the lights. The Firebird may be gone, but it certainly went out with style!

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