This article was created in the summer of 2002

Talk about vacations! National Lampoon wasn't involved with this one, but they probably should've been. My mom and my sister wanted to take a trip - any trip I think - with as many family members as possible. The original idea was Ireland, but with the rather volatile international situation it was decided a domestic destination was the prudent choice. Somewhere along the line I supposedly opened my big mouth and suggested Montana. I don't remember saying it, and, stranger than that, I find it hard to believe anyone actually listened.

After the initial discussions I thought the whole plan had been dropped, but a few months later I discovered they had been planning the whole time - and I had just a weekend to decide whether I would go. Obviously my answer was yes (or this is the worst story I've ever posted) and soon the Mobile Show HQ was truly converted into the wagon queen family truckster. My brother and his family were unable to go, which left my dad, mom, sister, nephew, me, and my son.

Our ten day trip took us through Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Nebraska. We logged over 3,400 miles, stayed in six places, ate at countless McDonalds, and managed to not kill each other - a miracle. What follows are snapshots of our trek, I hope you enjoy them.

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