Step one was to decide on our new location. Amy is from southern Illinois, and I've lived my entire life in St. Louis - obviously something (or someone) was going to have to give. Eventually we settled on an area that could almost be considered metropolitan St. Louis but is east of the border. Step two, in what hopefully was only a two step process, was to locate a suitable house. We started out looking for existing homes that would fit the bill, but it didn't take long for us to decide to go ahead and build given the scarcity of homes up for sale designed by car (nuts) enthusiasts. A spreadsheet is a dangerous thing, and in my hands it is practically lethal. During the "what can we afford to do?" process I may have jeopardized one or two of the vehicles I intended to house. We'll see, but wow is it fun to dream up a house (garage) from scratch.
A hole in the ground