While checking out the swap offerings I ran across my friend and one time host Jim Mattison. While I pestered him for inside information he pointed me to the 2004 GTO that Pontiac brought this year. I have yet to publicize my thoughts on the car, although I have shared Jim Wangers', and I was happy to have the opportunity to check out the car in person and crystallize my opinion. Well, until I actually get to drive one. Unfortunately they chose to display the black prototype. And, while I like black cars and have owned more than my share of them, it's difficult to get a feel for a car's lines when they are painted that color. I can tell you that my impression of the car changed very little from the one I had formed from the numerous pictures floating around. The only difference is that the car looks a little more substantial and aggressive up close. My guess is that if you like the pictures you'll like the car and vice versa.
Yes it was there, looking more aggressive in person