The seat of the pants testing took place at the Black Lake section of the GM proving grounds. After jokingly asking to make sure he wasn't driving a special Bobcat version of the GTO, he took to the track. However it wasn't until he convinced the folks in charge that he needed to ride solo that his opinion was fully formed. His opinion? "The car blew me was better than I ever expected or wanted it to be...delightful car to drive...drunk with torque!" Yes, people, he likes it - really likes it. Pontiac has reprogrammed the LS1 to improve the low end, and, with 350hp on tap at 5,200rpm, along with 365lb/ft of torque at 4,000rpm, "at 20mph nail it and it will sit down, screech the tires, and be gone like the big cubic inchers of old." Wow.