2004 is an important year for the GTO - its 40th anniversary - and the powers that be are well aware of that. They're also aware of the impending unveiling of the Mustang's replacement and a new Hemi debut. With those things in mind, and smarting from the loss of the image-leading rwd Trans Am, they wanted a 2004 GTO in the showroom by November of this year. Given that timetable there was no chance of major modifications on the bodywork of the Monaro (the Holden model the GTO is based on for those who have been hiding in a closet) hence no Ram Air hood this time around. Somehow it is fitting given that the '64 GTO's scoops were fake. Perhaps they'll correct the oversight in '05 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their introduction on the '65! The new GTO is not intended to be a one year wonder, there is even talk of a move to stateside production with a switch to a different platform. According to Jim, though, there doesn't seem to be any rumbling about a drop top version on the horizon.