Being the intrepid journalist that I am I had to get the dirt on the car, and I did. Jim lamented the lack of a passenger grab handle and the absence of the word Pontiac on the exterior. "Is that it?" "That's it." Well there you have it. He views the 2004 GTO as "a car that any enthusiast should be proud to call GTO." How could I argue with that? The question in his mind is now that Pontiac is bringing a car to market worthy of the GTO name will they be able to build a new image with it, one that establishes Pontiac's value in the marketplace alongside Chevrolet and the other divisions of General Motors? Unfortunately the corporate jury is out on the Solstice (which Jim says could conceivably revive the Firebird nameplate), but the Bonneville will receive a version of the Northstar V8 and the revised and more serious 2004 Grand Prix has been released. Things are looking up for the division famous for plastic body cladding and finger grooves in the armrests. Now they just need to Get Those Orders!

My thanks to Jim for contacting Classical Pontiac and sharing his thoughts