6/9/03 So what does the Godfather of the GTO think of the latest incarnation?

There I was minding my own business checking email (sifting through the mountain of offers to enhance this or shrink that) when I stumbled upon a message that caught my attention: "Jim Wangers - Friday, 10:32 AM - '04 Pontiac GTO". I'm sure that most of you in the hobby are familiar with Mr. Wangers, and that many of you have had a chance to meet him as he tirelessly cruises the show circuit, but for those who haven't let me give you some background. In addition to being involved with more than his share of racing, Jim worked with Pontiac's ad agency during the "Glory Days", and by most accounts he shares the credit for the genesis of the 1964 GTO along with John DeLorean.