The first stop on the tour was the Joplin hideout of Bonnie & Clyde - scene of a daring escape and a double murder. I had no idea the Barrow gang had a Joplin connection, but a footnote in an historic flyer I happened to pickup at the hotel piqued my curiosity. It mentioned the hideout and gave an address. I assumed since I hadn't noticed anything about it in the visitor guide that the bulding must have been torn down. Further inspection of the flyer revealed that the building still existed, although it wasn't open to the public. After a quick google search (isn't the 'net handy?) I was rewarded with not only the story, but photographs that would allow me to recognize the building. There in a quiet neighborhood just blocks from the main street is the site - eerily similar to vintage photos - of a bloody gun battle involving history's most notorious crime duo. Fascinating.
Bonnie & Clyde's Joplin hideout