Ahhhhh, the go karts. It has literally been forever since I've driven one, and I was looking forward to it. The operator informed us that there could be no bumping, oh, and that the track was slick. At "go" we took off with Amy in the lead and me in hot pursuit. Immediately it was apparent that when he said slick he was not kidding. Every turn you could execute a perfect dirt track drift. I was in heaven, well, except that I was behind Amy. I stuck as close to her as I could until she spun out leading to a broadside collision I'm still in trouble for. After our karts were righted I took up the chase again and passed her when she went wide. Five minutes flew by as I experimented with the racing line and simply had a blast. Are all tracks like that? I'll have to find out now as it is my new favorite hobby...behind Pontiacs of course. What water balloons?
My favorite Joplin activity: drifting go karts