While I did my best to try to talk Amy out of it, she was determined to make a detour off 44 to Lambert's, the notorious home of "throwed rolls". It was hardly reasonable to ignore her as she had indulged all my whims the entire trip. We headed south on 65 and 10 minutes or so later arrived at the restaurant - along with a million other people. I hoped in vain that the very sight of tour buses and the huge full parking lot would convince Amy that Subway was a suitable low carb substitute, but it was not to be. It turned out that the wait was only 45 minutes, and we settled in on a bench to pass the time. Once seated, Justin insisted that he wasn't hungry. Shortly thereafter - as if to convince us - he threw up (or should I say throwed up?) right next to our table. At that point I don't think any of us were hungry, including the unfortunate people within spitting distance. We were determined to enjoy ourselves, so we finished our meal feigning pleasure and then got the heck out of Dodge.
The home of "throwed rolls" in Springfield