PHS Automotive Services, Inc.

9/26/10 - A few weeks ago I had a revelation: I enjoy the Pontiac hobby! The revelation is an interesting one, as Pontiac has been woven through my entire life. At times, mainly the late '90s and early 2000s, the Pontiac hobby was all-consuming to me. Although there are many reasons that I have neglected the hobby the last few years, much of it can be attributed to simple burn out (not the good kind). If you watch the Q & A, you may have seen the topic I started where I rediscovered The Judge. That led to a trip down Pontiac memory lane. The hundreds of great cars I have seen, the countless people I have met, and the adventures I have had. One episode in particular wrapped all those things together. In 1999 I had the great fortune to score an invitation to meet Jim Mattison, browse the Pontiac historic fleet, and see behind the scenes at PHS. Let me just say that Jim Mattison was/is one of the most amiable and gracious individuals I have met.

Having remembered, I knew I should seek him out. First, I was having trouble laying my hands on The Judge factory invoice; second, I was concerned about how he was doing given the demise of Pontiac and the implosion of GM. A quick search online netted the PHS website, which was good. I fired off an email, and got a quick response, which was great. Business hours rolled around, and I gave Jim a call. Wow. He has been on an adventure himself! I believe the story has had a happy continuation. PHS (now a name, not an acronym) is still keeping the authentication flame alive for 1961 to 1986 Pontiacs. The historic fleet has been moved away from Jim, and moved again. Jim is shepherding a racing team and still making appearances by popular demand. The details he would have to share if he so chooses.

Just as I remembered, Jim was gracious, and he continues to enrich this hobby I am rediscovering. If you need to authenticate your classic Pontiac, contact PHS with the knowledge it is run by a true enthusiast and a gentleman. Thanks, Jim.


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