'65 Pontiac GTO Tri-Power Arrives

From Designs In Motion (DIM):

Another "Missing Link" in the evolution of the Muscle Car arrived today at Designs In MOTION , in the form of SunStar's great new 1965 Pontiac GTO Hardtops!!

3 different colors are available, with contrasting pinstriping. Unlike the horrible Maisto '64 GTO's, Sunstar has produced a first rate example of this automotive icon.

In many respects, this latest SunStar model outdoes many Ertl cars, with good paint, opening doors, hood, and trunk, trimmed window and fender moldings, separate windshield wipers (with black blades!), and antenna.

The engine compartment features a 360 HP 389 Tri-Power and appropriate stickers on the radiator bulkhead and fan shroud! Red-Line tires might be a bit narrow, but altogether, this is an excellent model.

SunStar has also unveiled new box graphics with these models, featuring Pontiac and GTO logos..... Very well done indeed!