1997 Trans Am WS6

When Car & Driver's first look at the '98 Trans Am hit the stands (actually my brother's mailbox) I headed out to find my dream car: a '97 WS6 T/A. Now everyone will have their own opinion about the restyled car, but I prefer the cleaner styling of the original 4th generation. The icing on the cake is Pontiac's clever reunion of Ram Air with Firebird. Five spoke 17" inch wheels and a WS6 badge complete the visual clues.
I started what I thought would be a hopeless attempt to find a black 6-speed WS6 Trans Am after Pontiac had stopped taking orders for the '97 model year.
As luck would have it a local dealer had a car on order exactly the way I would have optioned it. After a nail-biting wait in which the whereabouts of the car were unknown it finally arrived. All I can say is what a car!
The power, handling, comfort, and conveniences are first class. I certainly don't want to start old versus new or corporate V-8 arguments, but nay sayers should test drive the latest Firebirds before condemning them. Am I selling my Judge? OF COURSE NOT!

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