What began as a fly up, see the show, fly home whirlwind trip gradually expanded into a full blown vacation...

It all began when a good friend of mine, we'll call him "Mark", called and asked if I'd be interested in going to the '98 POCI Nationals. "Drive?" I asked, "no, fly" he answered, "sold" I said with memories of my trip to the Poconos still fresh in my mind.

This is the point where a two day get away turned into a six day marathon. Originally we talked about flying up Wednesday morning in time to browse the swap meet, then fly back late Thursday after the show. After consulting the airline's schedule it was obvious that was a no-go since we would have to use Manchester, New Hampshire as our hub and the latest flight would not leave us much time for spectating.

"Friday it is, might as well leave later in the day to give ourselves more time." "Well, Ames is having an open house Sunday and Monday..." "Okay, how about leaving early Sunday to allow more time for that?" "Makes sense, what about the days in between?" "Boston is close, we could go there...I'd prefer to stay outside the city though." "Cape Cod is supposed to be nice..."

And there you have it! We picked up our (description deleted for fear of the authorities) rental car and headed off to see New Hampshire. Now I've never been to the Northeast and found what, in the Summertime at least, is a motorcyclist's dream. Beautiful winding roads with little traffic and perfect temperatures. Perhaps this started our contempt for the rental car. Anyway, we had to keep reminding ourselves of the Winter months to keep from stopping at the houses for sale.

Much to Mark's chagrin the first place I wanted to stop in Keene was the Pontiac dealer. Of the ten or so new Pontiacs on the lot they had what is probably the only WS6 Trans Am convertible 6 speed for sale in the country! If you end up buying it I expect a generous finder's fee! More important was the terrific Philly cheese steak sandwich I had at the local micro-brewery (Mark's choice).

Bright and early Monday morning we headed off to Ames. They put on an hour-and-a-half tour of the facilities including their extensive musclecar collection. While predominantly Pontiac, there was a sprinkling of standout cars from other manufacturers (including Lamborghini!), it made me chuckle at some of the threads that get going on the Q & A. What person in their right mind wouldn't want to be able to collect the best examples from each make? Thank you, Steve, for allowing others to see and appreciate your operation.
'98 WS6 Trans Am 6 spd
Ames Performance Engineering
Part of Ames' Collection
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