Classical Pontiac 1999 POCI National Convention
After 5 hours of manning the display I was ready to be a spectator and I packed up for Jim Wangers' presentation. I met Den Guy just as I finished, and we made it to the courtyard in time to hear John Sawruk wrap up. Jim had been asked if he could discuss some Pontiac history outside of the GTO, so he basically covered the entire Pontiac performance story starting with Bunkie Knudsen's tenure at the helm. While I already knew many of the facts he shared there were several tidbits that were new to me. His insider view is always insightful, and despite the fact that the amount of material covered was perhaps too ambitious for the time slot I still thoroughly enjoyed the behind the scenes trip.

A quick dinner at Burger King, and we made our way to the local theatre to watch Star Wars I. After so much hype and so many preconceptions of what the first episode should be it was no surprise that it was a bit of a let down. Now that I know what to expect I should probably watch it again to form my lasting opinion, but my first thought was that instead of using special effects to help construct a complete motion picture experience the producers tried to pack as many effects as they could into every scene to the detriment of the movie. In addition I couldn't help but feel the actors were more concerned about not screwing up in this epic prequel than they were with delivering solid performances. At least I can mark "see the new Star Wars movie" off my to do list.
My Favorite Slide from Jim Wangers' Presentation