Classical Pontiac 1999 POCI National Convention
Ahhh Day 7, or D-Day if you like. While the display had been fun I had had my fill of sitting inside and made the decision not to continue with it the day of the show. Once again rain threatened, and it was cold and windy. Still my spirits were high as I had no commitments other than strolling around the field of cars happily snapping pictures of my favorites. Unlike last year where I took very few photographs, I had already decided to give my readers a better taste of the experience and recorded about 60 images, most of which made it into this story and the accompanying Show Car Gallery.

The event organizers had done a practically miraculous job transforming a simple parking lot into a showplace for Pontiacs of almost every flavor and color. Previously the cars were huddled into only the back section of the hotel lot while Saturday saw the expansion of the layout to include the side lot as well. The cars were parked according to class with the points judged vehicles furthest to the left at the front followed by rank upon rank of popular vote cars.

I finally encountered Greg Minor in person next to his beautiful '62 Catalina, and as usual with practically everyone I met had a nice conversation. While I wandered around I was stopped by an employee of a Chevrolet-Pontiac dealer, he was the lucky owner of a '69 Carousel Red Judge at the show and recognized me from the article in GM Edge magazine. This was the second person I had come across who told me they learned about the site from there.
Just a Few of the 500 or so Pontiacs