Classical Pontiac 1999 POCI National Convention
Of course Day 8, our travel day, turned out to have the nicest weather by far. All fine and dandy if we were going home in a '68 GTO convertible, but we were stuck with our Durango and a flight on Southwest "Cattle Prod" Airlines (no offense, but I sure hate open seating). We made our way back through Canada stopping at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. They have a very nice facility with several interesting planes. Best of all they offer rides in a Harvard trainer and a Stearman bi-plane. Unforunately they were booked so we could only watch as some lucky person took off into the picturesque Canadian sky.

Back on the road and I could hear the sound of dinosaurs rolling over in their graves as we explored the Durango's acceleration and adhesion limits. While cruising along we noticed a car show next to the highway. Naturally after spending the week at a car show we had to stop at a car show. Truth be told we wouldn't have except for the conspicuous tail of a '69 T/A poking out from under the trees. Strangely enough when we finally got to the car that caused us to make the detour the owner practically elbowed us out of the way in his haste to leave. I hope whatever it was it was important.

One final agonizing trip through customs as for the first time "Mark" gets to field the questions, and we're back into Michigan and the last few miles of the 900 total we've racked up on the truck. Dropoff at Dollar, shuttle to the airport, a quick meal, board the plane whose head flight attendant by some strange twist of fate served us exactly a year ago when we flew home from New Hampshire, layover in Chicago (hi Mike), land at Lambert, gather bags, and the Second Annual Classical Pontiac POCI National Convention Trip is over. See you next year.
Can You Say Gauge Package?