Classical Pontiac 1999 POCI National Convention
Since our 1998 excursion to the nationals turned out so well the pressure was on this year...

Things started out OK, dropped off at the airport, flight left on time, flight arrived early, and then the trouble started. "Mark" had reserved a Durango for us from Dollar rental; he was interested in evaluating one, and last year we tried to get a Pontiac and wound up with a Buick so why not. Anyway, after wandering around the airport looking for the shuttle bus we found a fleet of them: Hertz, National, Avis, Thrifty, Budget, ... every conceivable company except Dollar. Each of the other shuttles made at least three trips before ours finally appeared. With our early arrival negated by the long wait we were looking forward to getting the paperwork out of the way and our road trip started. Let's just say we left there sometime later with a Durango.

After an unpleasant experience at Mcdonalds, several problems at the Marriott hotel in the Renaissance Center, and a rather eye-opening tour of downtown Detroit I was ready to fly back home before something really bad happened. Fortunately the movie "Dumb and Dumber" lightened our mood, and we decided to stick it out another day (this was still Sunday, Day 1 of our trip).
Renaissance Center Detroit, Michigan