Classical Pontiac 1999 POCI National Convention
Wednesday, Day 4 of our excursion, began with a tour of Niagara Falls. We had spent the night in the town of Niagara Falls, Canada, so it was a simple matter of walking down the hill after checking out of our hotel. Admittedly my first impression was not that great. As the scene unfolds before you the falls in your immediate line of site are the American Falls. Impressive, but nothing to type on the internet about. As we got closer the whole panorama came into view, and the Horseshoe Falls appeared in the distance to our right (I was still getting used to the fact that the falls are situated exactly opposite of how I always imagined them). It was then that I realized that what everyone sees as Niagara Falls on television is actually the Horseshoe and I felt better. Still, I was a little disappointed by how small everything looked. A strange thing happened as we continued walking, though, step by step the view became more and more magnificent until the rush of water almost seemed to envelope me. Simultaneously I noticed the mist from the cascade was reaching us at an amazing distance. I quickly dismissed my earlier thoughts and went from vantage point to vantage point enthralled. We took the Journey Behind the Falls to complete the experience.
Horseshoe Falls Niagara Falls, Canada