Classical Pontiac 1999 POCI National Convention
As usual for practically every Pontiac event of note Jim Wangers was present with his myriad of worthwhile offerings. The biggest news for this year is the set of 1:18 1966 GeeTO Tigers Jim negotiated with ERTL to manufacture. His touch is evident with the many authentic details they boast. Beautiful decals, Royal Bobcat emblems, Hurst wheels, and M & H slicks are just a few of them. They should be shipping by September.

At 3:00 we closed up shop and took a quick tour of the show field. With the rain expected to arrive Friday I took some pictures before we headed off to Flying Tigers restaurant for dinner. The dining experience was summed up by "Mark" in these words: "it was alright". Knowing him that's practically the equivalent of spectacular.
1:18 1966 Royal Bobcat GeeTO Tigers from ERTL