Classical Pontiac 1999 Show Me Regional
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After a year of neglecting The Judge in favor of practically every other pastime I know of (including this darn site!) I finally blew off the cobwebs and took her to the 1999 Show Me Regional

Last year's event was punctuated by heat, both at the show and in baseball where Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were chasing the major league home run record. This year was, well, the same. Some of the enthusiasm is gone from this year's long ball competition, perhaps because the world is worn out from the 1998 delirium, but the excitement level was still high for a quality turnout of Pontiacs. Registrations were down by about 10 entries, understandable given the other shows around the midwest, but with close to 90 beautiful cars lined up on Sunday there was plenty of variety for everyone.

I arrived Saturday morning and enjoyed reacquainting myself with longtime Arch Chapter friends. Due to the heat I put off cleaning up the Judge until early evening while most of the participants cruised over to Hooters for dinner. Sunday morning carried the threat of rain, but besides a few clouds that provided some welcome relief from the sun there was no sign of precipitation. I rolled my car over to the judging area first thing hoping those critiquing it would be too tired to notice the bzillion flaws all too obvious to me.

That done I debated on whether another shower was in order (who was I trying to kid) or if I should take a quick swim in the hotel pool (just happened to have my suit with me). Well strangely enough the pool won out, and after a nice relaxing swim I walked around to see the new arrivals in the parking lot before getting ready to make my official Classical Pontiac-polo-wearing-digital-camera-toting tour of the show field. Much to my surprise after my walk I wound up in the pool again before finally changing.

60 or so pictures later (I filled 3 disks and called it quits) I packed up my camera and spent the rest of the day being a spectator. Due to a prior commitment I was unable to stay for the banquet and awards ceremony, but I'm told it was a success as well. Now the Show Me Regional goes back on the road to Kansas City for the 2000 edition. I know the club is relieved to have the responsibility lifted from them for awhile, but I'll miss having this all-Pontiac show in town.

Show Me the Cars!
The Friendly Registration Staff
The Charlie Daniels Band Buses Guarding the Show Entrance