Arnie Beswick GTO Judge

From Designs In Motion (DIM):

A new limited edition vintage drag racer arrived last weekend at Designs In MOTION.

The car is one of many different Pontiacs run by the legendary "Farmer" Arnie Beswick. It is the 1969 D/Stock GTO Judge Ram Air IV super stocker, the second in Red Alert Racing's Collectables (Note the incorrect of collectibles!).

This car is confusing many people. As a result, it is receiving a lot of "trash-talk" from some self-proclaimed experts who do not understand some of the finer points of how things were in 1969.....

To begin with, the box art is very misleading, as it shows a number of different cars and wheels run by Beswick over time. I have personally talked to a number of people who followed Arnie through the years, and they are not the least bit turned off by the choice of factory wheels. Yes, they could have been detailed a bit, but for the most part, the car is well done, although not to the level of the AMX.

The car is done in Carousel Red (orange) with a very typical-for-the-times "random" pinstripe job on the hood and deck lid. As it is not in the highest level of drag classes, the car features the stock Ram Air hood, and full exhaust pipes. The actual car is pictured on the internal box art, complete with these features. You will also note that the car was street registered! No slicks are on the model, and it appears this is also correct judging by the photo!