First Annual Classical Pontiac Virtual International Car Show

How's that for a title? It was suggested to me that since all of the Classical Pontiac regulars will never be able to congregate in one place we should have a display or photo gallery online. To take that one step further why not a car show? And not just a show in name only, but one where we will be assigning classes, allowing realtime entries, and then judging the cars by popular vote. Since for most of us unfortunates winter is an off season, it will be the perfect time to heat things up here!

I haven't hammered out all of the details, but basically we'll come up with x number of classes and allow people to submit an entry accompanied by an image of a given size into a particular class. The image could be one view of the car or made up of multiple views as long as it is within the size constraints. At the deadline we will stop accepting entries and then put our voting mechanism in place. After the voting is complete we'll announce the winners and then create a gallery of those cars that will remain on display.

If you have suggestions or would like to volunteer to help administer the show check the Q & A for the Virtual Car Show topic.