Lights, camera, Ponti-action!

An American film company approached me last Summer to have one of my GTOs in a movie as the MAIN picture car, stating that the ACTOR absolutely wanted a GTO. Now that the filming is over, I can relay this information. The actor in question is Treat Williams and the movie is called "36 hrs to die". It began airing on TV spring 1999.

It was filmed here in Montreal but was supposed to actually be in Boston, so my car had Massachussetts plates.

A quote from the movie made me realize what a GTO meant to others:

"Noah stared at his GTO. The Ultimate Muscle Car"....


Robert Ziwani

Our intrepid star on the set
The price of stardom, camera equipment!
The GTO takes a double for a ride

Oh yeah, the human stars: Treat Williams and Carroll O'Connor (not pictured)