1/7/99 St. Louis, Missouri:

With a new layer of snow over ice I decided to stay in the office today and snap these pictures...

I wasn't really sure anyone would be interested in seeing my office, but it's Winter for crying out loud, what else is there to do? And I don't want any email from you enthusiasts visiting the site from some tropical paradise!


Currently the site is developed on an Apple Power Macintosh 8600, 300mhz, 128mb RAM, 4gb hard drive, CD, and an internal Iomega Zip drive. The 8600 has audio and video inputs (helpful for those McGwire home runs). Our company uses a mixture of Macs and PCs so I can test on both platforms and several versions of IE and Netscape. I use a Microtek Scanmaker IIsp for scanning photos, and I snap the digital pictures with a Sony Mavica camera.


All HTML is written using Apple's Simpletext (similar to Note Pad). I find that the page editors generate a ton of code, and they don't handle spacing very well on the various screen sizes and monitor types. For photo editing, effects, and typesetting I use Deneba Software's Canvas. I paste all the images into Apple's Clarisworks for previewing layouts before I write the HTML. Final image file creation is done with the shareware Gif Converter. What few animated images I create are assembled using the shareware Gif Builder. The (many!) cgi scripts are written in PERL again using Simpletext. The Owner Registry and Member pages are maintained with a custom database written using Omnis 7.

Internet & Hosting

We have an ISDN connection to the internet served to our personal computers through a Windows NT proxy server. I also check site download time on my 28.8 connection at home to keep everything in perspective. I use a combination of 3 offsite internet providers for dialup, this site's web hosting, and customer sites. All of them are running Unix. Eventually we'll iron out the bugs on our server and add it to the list.


If you look closely at the pictures you'll notice a few familiar "faces". My family photo is nestled with miscellaneous trivia on the wall behind my chair. An enlarged picture of my Judge is on the side wall. It's the same image I used at the top of its Feature. Next to that is a photo of The Tameless Tiger in action autographed by Arnie "The Farmer" Beswick. This was just one of many great door prizes "Mark" procured for the Show Me Regionals. To the right of that is a gift given to me by my friend and CPA David. It is an advertising "film" of a '93 Trans Am over a local map. Because of my fanaticism he's declared this "Pontiac Country".

Comments? Contact Rich.

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