Old Iron Saved a Life

From Lee

This is/was my friend Dave's 1967 Buick Wildcat Custom. It had only 42,000 original miles!

Dave was coming back from a car show on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, in the Chicago area, when a Dodge Intrepid with 5 teenagers slid into him, sideways, at about 100mph! The teenagers were drunk and had open beers in their car, the 19 year old driver's blood alcohol was 0.258%. This happened at 11:40 a.m. Unfortunately, 3 of the teenagers died. Dave had 4 teeth knocked out, facial lacerations requiring stitches, laceration to his left arm from the blinker lever that required stitches, a badly bruised ankle, a perfect imprint of his steering wheel bruised into his chest, and spent a few days in the hospital for observation.

Dave was wearing his factory lap belt. He feels that if his '67 had been a '68 with the shoulder strap, he would have had even less injury. But in all, he credits the huge hunk of heavy Buick for saving his life.

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