Classical Pontiac Server
3/16/01 "Of course it's a good idea!"

By now I'm sure every frequent visitor to Classical Pontiac has read at one time or another about my Quest for the Holy Server. With the explosion of activity in the Q & A and the desire to archive every topic for posterity it was only a matter of time before the site got too big for its britches. Coupled with the downward spiral of my provider's support along with the upward spiral of their monthly bill that time is at hand.

Having had a day or two to get over the initial shock of the decision I'm pretty enthused about it. I've been shuffling different parts of Classical Pontiac around trying to keep the core as small as possible in a vain attempt to keep costs down. Now we'll be able to reunite the Member pages, Judge section, Q & A Archive, and Virtual Car Show with the rest of the site. In addition I can indulge my shutter finger at events without stressing over the disk space the images will eventually use.

We're past the point of no return as we've ordered the parts and assembled the monster. For those who care it is a rack mount computer based on a dual socket 370 motherboard, although initially we're going to run it with a single Pentium III 1 Ghz cpu, it has 512MB of RAM and a 30GB ATA100 hard drive. When finances permit we plan to upgrade to a RAID array in addition to a second cpu.

If all goes well I hope to at least have a mirror of the site on the new server up for testing by the end of the month. In a perfect world I'd actually switch over by then to save a month of hosting fees, but that's pushing it. Regardless this is a very positive step for Classical Pontiac - one that will allow us to grow unfettered. Any Monty Python fans out there?

Meet the Classical Pontiac Server