The Return of "The Fabulous Firebird"

After a several year hiatus one of my all-time favorite Pontiac books is back in print: "The Fabulous Firebird". Accoording to author/publisher Michael Lamm "The Fabulous Firebird" was the first book ever published about Firebirds. Originally produced in 1979 and updated extensively in 1981, the book is being reprinted in its classic 1981 form with no alterations.

"The Fabulous Firebird" is hardcover, has 160 pages, and contains 410 photos. There are also full specifications, detailed lists of optional and standard equipment, plus yearly engine, chassis and styling changes. It thoroughly covers all Firebirds and Trans Ams from before 1967 through 1981.

The price is $39.95 plus $5.00 postage and handling (shipping outside the U.S. costs a little more). California residents have to include $3.10 state sales tax. They're offering a no-question, moneyback guarantee.

"The Fabulous Firebird" is now available directly through Classical Pontiac! Send $44.95 check or money order in U.S funds to:

Classical Pontiac
P.O. Box 2546
Florissant, MO 63032-2546

Questions? Contact Rich.

Those who would like to order with a credit card should call the distributor, Motorbooks International, at (800) 826-6600.