Near, far, let's film my car...

Having just finished filming The Judge for Mike Noun's upcoming Pontiac Video II I've discovered a few things: I should stick to web design, my dad is a real sport, my car is not bad looking.

The weather in St. Louis this Spring and early Summer has been predictably unpredictable. Between thunderstorms and tornadoes we've had a handful of the most beautiful days I've ever seen. Unfortunately the view was from inside the house while trying to shake various ailments. Finally all of the planets were in alignment, and I was ready to clean the car for its theatrical debut.

Upon opening the hood I was reminded that over the years the car had been shedding the bolts to the ram air pan. Apparently the trip back from the Hot Rod Power Tour was too much, and the sole surviving rear bolt committed suicide (a moment of silence please). I'll make the story short by simply saying that the pan appears to be holding on to the hood again.

I enlisted my parents as production assistants (thanks mom and dad) and proceeded to a nearby park to begin work on my Titanic. Well, as I mentioned earlier, James Cameron I'm not. Much to my chagrin my narrative sounds foolish and my "cinematography" isn't much better. The Judge saves the day, though, by being photogenic in spite of its flaws and my faults. After the publicity shots it was off for a short ride (thanks dad) to show that the Judge is indeed driven, there's oil in the motor and everything!

Maybe the next time I try something like this I'll do as good a job as The Judge and my dad.