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Fuel smells like Xylene

09/11/2021 22:17
I used to fool around with Xylene in industrial paints. It's a very powerful solvent. Get gooey urethane from roofing work on your skin,the xylene will cut it, dissolve right off. For a long time,,I have been thinking the stench if modern American crapulene smells like that powerful chemical. Today, I was stripping a Jeep in prep for extracting frame rails on a builder I am doing. Pulled fuel tank which had not yet been pierced. Began draining the orangish fuel. Tested it for flame on a burn I had going, and it still poofed up, had some combustible potency. As I struggled against the check valves, I pulled pump, began cupping out small amounts with bare hand. Shortly after, had that burning skin sensation of Xylene. Finished the task with the nitrile gloves. Are we just polluting our atmosphere with burned Xylene? Cause that us some carcinogenic shxx to be blowing out our tailpipes.
09/12/2021 00:24
The nose knows. Was right, Xylene and Tolulene added to boost weakened octane of current gas.
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