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Racing ban story

10/09/2018 22:47
I am reading again a history on 61 through 63 engine development, racing breakthroughs, and the predicted corporate racing ban to implement in January 1963. By January, the engineers had thrown together the 6 coupes and six wagons with 421 super duties (using their Christmas break in true git 'r done fashion). A bunch of beefening up suspension steps took place over 62, so the 63 could handle the motor from the Swiss cheese Catalina running half second slower than the 62 Lemans. The car started with 859 intake, forged internals, 980 heads, and McKellar no 10 camshaft. Here is my question. Micky Thompson was adjusting his car, as we're other racers, changes to rear suspension, change cam to Insky 505, and swap intake to bathtub tunnel ram dual quad intake. When you swap non factory parts like the intake, did that affect racing rules. What did the bathtub intake do for air flow cfm, or more vortex into the cylinder? I haven't seen racers running this setup as a rule, but it appears I don't know it's appearance. So what are contemporary racers running on early 421 builds? Or they applying later lessons with the Victor hi rise?
10/14/2018 19:43
I have a 859 on one of my 421s and have a bathtub on the other.The bathtubs were better.As far as cams,on the SD engine I run a comp hyd roller in the 236-242 range.Have run the 505 solid roller in the past but as I have aged I have gone to a less radical cam.The bathtub has been worth 30HP over the 859s on my engine.I have owned a few of them over the years.
10/15/2018 20:40
So the Bathtub was a coporate intake?
10/15/2018 20:55
a couple pics, look right to you?
10/15/2018 20:56
2nd pic
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