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Tough California rues

10/13/2021 23:40
Brief time in Southern California, I got a good feel for what motivates people in their work week grind. Come weekend they left their cheap properties,poured into lifted gorgeous trucks pulling toy haulers, off road toys, race dirt bikes. The roads to desert East of Barstow were packed like a freight train. Desert toys, fun, and party with your gang were a huge phenomena. There may be a plus for a time. Pre '22 bikes get green card status, so they can run on the SVRA areas. I can't even fathom being compelled to register a desert toy. What air are we worried about where the sky is clear? Ignition Man would have a lot to to say... IF.
10/13/2021 23:42
10/14/2021 09:39
Kommiefornia uses "logic" like Firstlast. The "state" bans religious gatherings in homes, yet.....
10/14/2021 10:21
Your link mentions the EPA. That's a federal agency. Show me in the law (Constitution) where the EPA is established/created/authorized. You should know already that Article 1, Section 8 lists all the powers of Congress. Amendment 10 says "all other powers" are the states, or peoples.
10/14/2021 11:43
Kalifornians = Too stupid to KNOW they are failures.
10/15/2021 20:13
Do I need to replace we mind you who was on the front line of DDT, Bald Eagles becoming extinct, Gray wolves hubted to brink, Lake Erie burning from toxic waste discharge? A huge accumulation of toxic dump sites. Even Gorillas don't soil where they sleep. At least Nixon acted like a true conservative and practiced what he preached.
10/15/2021 20:17
I just don't get the logic. Is there a ring on the merry go round they desperately need? Cause even if they get clean cities, I and so many others who live for their past time dream don't cause polluted skies in the middle of the dEverton, or c track 20 miles on the outskirts.
10/16/2021 11:20
Kommifornia is run by leftist idiots. Like Harris. Like Biden.
10/16/2021 11:31
Sir, leftists environmentalists have apparently incentivized solar panels in KY. Locally, a company is offering about $1000 per acre per year to use the land for solar electric generation. Farm rental is about $200/acre/year. What happens when our farm land is making voltage instead of bread? Think hard, Brandon.
10/18/2021 23:07
It's impractical to do that on a wide scale. Here is the solar farm built near me. 127.5 MW of production. For KE, I would say some marginal production ground that has a flat lay to it would be a big boon for return on investment. Lot of cattle only ground in the mid states. Our soil here is so amazing in its tillability and crop yield potential, you have to search out some arid sand soil to justify a solar farm. Our prime land is pulling insane $14,000 an acre, in choice large lots like a 300 acre field prone soil type. Your big boy farmers here are averaging 2000 to 5000 acre farming now. A 1000 acre farm is now small. Your state generally has small acreage from my driving in the rural areas.
10/18/2021 23:13
In that picture, you see the Iowa River behind it. It floods a lot ,its catch Basin extends all the way up into Minnesota. That may pose some future threat if a major flood overwhelms the drainage district pumps. They have had a hard time maintaining in that district in previous flood events.
10/19/2021 09:06
Sir, again I agree with you about the need for solar panels to be installed on poor soils. HOWEVER, currently a solar panel is worth 5 times what crop rent is. That's not from free market demand. Government subsidies and mandates are causing that difference, and that difference WILL take food off of the table.
10/19/2021 20:40
Do you care that your bank transactions will be monitored if the Communists in charge (Democrats) have their way??
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